Are you worried because you do not know what you should do for the feast of baby shower?

We want to help you, read our list of the inevitable.

  • The place. You can do this in your house, rent a local, to ask the house to a family member or a friend. Everything will depend on the amount of guests and the comfortable of the place, especially for the mom-to-be.
  • Define if you will be women-only or mixed. Traditionally baby shower are celebrations of women: the mother and her friends. But lately it is common to include the dad, which can make the celebration even more special.
  • Invitations. Of these will depend on your guest book that day, so do them as soon as possible. Can be in paper or virtual; it is very common to make invitations on the computer and upload them to any social network or sent by e-mail.
  • The menu. The food may not be missing. It can be a lunch, a dinner or a cocktail. You should include yes or yes, a table of sweets with motifs of baby.
  • The cake. Is the protagonist of the feast, because it must be beautiful and be attractive to the guests. Are also very used the fondant with decorations of baby bottles, pacifiers or toys.
  • Drinks. The best are natural juices and smoothies. You can also include aromatic coffees, teas with different flavors, ice cream and lemonade. Must be alcohol-free cocktails for you to take the mom-to-be.
  • The decoration. Let your imagination run wild with tablecloths, garlands, balloons, and every type of item related to a baby, such as swans or hearts. Make a table of sweets that combine with these ornaments.
  • Games. Among the classic games is to guess the inches of the belly of the mom. You can make competitions among the attendees and give them small gifts.
  • The memories. It is as simple as making a bag of organza with candy, cupcakes, candles aromatic or key chains in the shape of baby bottles. There is No need to spend a lot of money, the idea is that it is a souvenir creative and full of love.
  • The outfit of the mother. We want the mom-to-be comfortable and feel like a princess. As miss little for labor, you will need to wear a garment light and pretty. Shoes must be flat, that does not tighten it. You can go to the safe with a classic dress in black or a white blouse and a classic pair of jeans. To highlight, try to find a single accessory and voila! Now just miss the baby so that everything is perfect.

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