Chairs for Kids Tips for a safe trip

– Children up to 4 years of age must use a child safety, Between 4 and 8 should ride with alzador or sitting and the rear with safety belt.
– Never buy a car seat used or involved in a collision, because they might be damaged every six months.
– Avoid that the straps of the amés of the chair are twisted when you feel your child. Not the place behind the back or under the arm, can cause damage in an accident.
– The least it should be made very tight in the chair, you must fit a finger between the strap and the chest.
– The child should never be left without supervision in a safety seat.
– Children must be transported in the rear seat of the vehicle, behind the airbag, as it will allow to access it with greater ease, both visually and physically.
– Avoid carrying heavy objects loose inside the vehicle. In the case of an accident these items can cause injury.
– ALWAYS wear your seat belt, children learn by example.

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