Niños sonriendo

This is a question which more than any father has done. It is extremely common for parents to neglect the teeth of their children when they are young, the product of two factors. The first is that it costs a lot of children want to wash their teeth, when they are very young, as they are distracted more easily, so it ignores this important routine. And second, because as the teeth are milk and fall off at any minute, it is believed that it is not of so much importance to wash them.

However, healthy teeth is essential to chew and speak properly, hence arises the importance of taking care of the milk teeth, even though you know you are going to fall, but must be cared for like that!
The fundamental role that meet the milk teeth is that they serve to maintain the space the permanent teeth and to give the necessary stimulus for the growth of bones.

In addition, the milk teeth do not have a life as short as it is thought, because they remain in the mouth of children between six and ten years, that is why it is important to take care of them and learn to have good habits of hygiene in all the stages of the childhood of our children.

The visit to the dentist at an early age is a routine check-up that cannot be overlooked, as the expert on dental health will verify that everything is alright.

When the little ones already have their first teeth it is necessary to clean them with a small brush after every meal, with the purpose of removing the excess food that accumulates in your mouth.

Prevents milk residues causing bacteria that live in the mouth produce acids, as these remains are in charge of encouraging, in the appearance of tooth decay. If it takes a bottle before bedtime, try to wash your teeth again.

Follow a good hygiene routine, you are helping your son look healthy teeth that allows you to smile, speak and eat properly. What is cuter than a beautiful smile?

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