Ganglios bebé

You're scared because you feel a small tiny bump on the baby's neck. This is probably of lymph nodes of the baby, so don't panic and go to the pediatrician for a checkup.

The defensive system of the human being is composed of lymph nodes, which are grouped together in the form of clusters in our entire body. These nodes are responsible for detecting and combating any foreign agent in our body. Have the form of a lump oval and are small, with the ability to ignite for a few days in case of any infection. Can measure more than 1 centimeter, painful, and noticeable under the skin.

The physician will evaluate the ganglion, so that when you touch it to check if its consistency, mobility and temperature are normal. According to the place where they are found, diagnosis can be made.

Some of the causes of the glangios:

  • If the ganglion is in the neck, under the jaw or behind the ears, it is usually due to some disease, such as tonsillitis, colds, thrush, ear infections, skin or mouth.
  • If the node is in the armpit can be related to infections in the nails, upper extremities, or chest.
  • If the node is in the groin can be caused by a genital infection or in the lower extremities.
  • If the node is above the collarbone has to do with problems in the lungs, breasts or abdomen.
  • If you have lymph nodes in different parts of the body can be treated of an infection such as measles, rubella, chickenpox, mumps, mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, or pharyngitis.

In some cases, the ganglia of the baby appear as a consequence of any remedy or vaccine.

The ganglia of the baby go away after treatment, so it is paramount that the physician be able to control in a timely manner.

If the ganglion does not go away after the month, or if not achieved, diagnose its cause, should undergo to analysis. There is also to worry if the lymph node is hard and immobile, or if you are in the area supraclavicular. In these situations, the doctor will take blood tests and a biopsy.

If your baby has a node and suffers pain, try to drink fluids, put a warm, damp cloth on the node and give him the analgesic prescribed by the doctor.

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