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Does the schedule for the bathroom? What you need to know is that the time that you bathe your baby affects their rate of activity; that is to say, if you do it at night, I will be preparing to sleep, while if you do it in the morning, prepare yourself for a new daily routine. The best thing is that once you choose what time you bathe him, talking always on the same schedule.

What time of night or day?

According to some surveys, many parents prefer to bathe at night because it is more relaxing for the baby, as the water is warm cause vasodilation capillary in your skin. Another possible reason is that the bathing before bedtime will leave you in a condition very relaxed and similar to that of the baby felt inside the mother's womb, so that will be very pleasing to him. In addition, the last milk of the day will be more easy to take.
By another lake, some doctors have commented that during the morning it is beneficial to bathe the baby because the bath stimulates and clears, preparing for the new day. So it is best that you observe your small or small and that you realize what is best for your particular case.
In any case, you can mix the bathroom with routines of play or relaxation. If you bathe in the morning, takes advantage of animate and splash in the water. And if you bathe at night, get him a massage at the end so you sleep better.

Does it affect your digestion?

You might wonder if bathing after you eat affect your digestion, but as long as the temperature is appropriate should not present any problem. When you have a bad digestion is generally caused by a bath with a temperature very cold or very hot.

How long should the bath?

Some pediatricians recommend that at the beginning the baths to be short, a maximum of 5 minutes, but as the baby grows you can have it in the water until it begins to lose the heat.
However, if the baby has some condition delicate in your skin, such as atopic dermatitis, it is best to limit baths and use a special soap recommended by the specialist.

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