The percentage of women experiencing anorgasmia –the inability to achieve orgasm– is approximately 10%. 

There are levels of anorgasmia: it can be a primary condition, if the woman has never experienced an orgasm by any means; or secondary, when has that ever happened. It can be classified as total, in the cases in which is not the case of the female orgasm in any way; or sporadic, if you have only on a few occasions.

What are the myths about the female orgasm?
  1. A woman does not reach orgasm is to a woman “cold” or has problems with herself or her relationship.
  2. It is normal to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse.
  3. If the woman does not have orgasms means that your partner has problems in sex.
  4. Only enjoy an intimacy enjoyable if you have an orgasm.
A lot of women achieve orgasms when stimulated in the area of the clitoris; however, each woman is different in terms of the time that you need to feel it, it is important that you and your partner take the necessary to achieve it. While you wait, enjoy the moment, stress, or distraction, can influence the journey towards the orgasm.

Some suggestions:

In order to achieve a female orgasm, relax during sex. Establishes a good communication with your partner and tell them what things you enjoy and what not to do during sex, do not be afraid to do it, because you have to have enough confidence to talk clearly with him. Remember that it is very important that you feel comfortable with your sexuality.
If you have problems to concentrate during sex, you can try to stimulate you by any thinking related; also try to avoid negative feelings. Talk to your boyfriend for you to stimulate so that it reaches the orgasm. There are a few methods that can be useful for this purpose as the use of vibrators.

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