One way of facilitating delivery is the choice of a position for giving birth, that is ideal to the mother.

In a number of hospitals allowed the mother to determine what position to give birth. For you to know the pros and cons of these positions, we recommend you to continue reading.

Positions horizontal

Have the baby lying down is the most common form, as it favours the work of the professional and decreases the bleeding. What is not so good is that the work of the women is reduced and is not conducive to the baby's exit because it goes against the gravity. This position narrows the opening and pelvic presses on the blood vessels, so it does not get enough oxygen to the baby.

Another option is to lie on your side. So, do not press the blood vessels and the blood flow is not altered. It is a more comfortable position for the mother and decreases the need for an episiotomy.

Upright postures

With these, promotes the natural outlet of the baby by the effect of gravity. Some mothers give birth standing with your back against a wall or squatting or semi-sitting.

If it is applied to epidural anesthesia, it can be difficult to a vertical child delivery, as it loses sensitivity in the legs. To solve this, there is a anesthesia called a ‘walking epidural’, which not paralyzes the lower limbs. With this position, the expulsion of the baby through the birth canal is easier and does not requires so much effort when you place a bid.

Sitting posture

You can give birth sitting or with a birthing chair. This option is convenient and is also favoured by gravity. Another advantage is that it facilitates the monitoring of the baby. The cons are related to increased bleeding in the mother for this position.

Posture an all fours

Some women give birth in this position, “four paws”. This stance is the best if you suffer from back pain, or hemorrhoids. It also favours the rotation of the baby and the output is softer, with a lower number of tears in the vaginal area.

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