parto cantando

This practice, which is known as birth sung, it is effective to decrease the pain, to concentrate on anything else, and to mitigate the discomforts to control the situation in a better way.

Advantages of singing while giving birth

In this case, the music is the means to feel better. You don't have to be a professional singer, nor force you to do so. Rather, let yourself go to your thoughts and emotions away from the contractions and are directed to a zone of tranquility.

The changes in the tonality relieve the stress and lower the intensity of the pain. In addition, regulate the breathing of the mother so that the baby has an adequate supply of oxygen.

The song of the mother provides a nice environment for the baby, to go out into the world with confidence. And the woman gives him a sense of accomplishment, of being able to control the entire situation without major complications.

The melody also serves to disconnect them from other noises that are not pleasant, and, thus, achieve peace and harmony within.

The truth is that music is always connected to the emotions. Do you want to make sport more efficiently? Put a music that gives you energy. Do you want to make sleep the baby? Sing to him a lullaby.

So, why not try it in the delivery? You will see that a birth is sung can make a big difference in the experience of bringing a baby into the world.

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