Ojos recien nacido

It is difficult to define exactly the pigmentation of the eyes of the newborn, but usually in their first days of life, these have a grayish tone.

Infants do not have mature melanocytes, responsible for pigment in the iris. This eye tissue is the one that determines the color of the eye as it reacts to the light, as does the diaphragm of a photographic camera.
With the passage of time, the maturation of melanocytes and sunlight stimulate the production of melanin. The evolution to a greater or lesser pigmentation will determine the color of the iris, either lighter or darker.
A determining factor in the color of the eyes final of the baby is the genetic heritage transmitted by their parents. For example, blue eyes are a recessive gene –that is not dominant– and the dark eyes a dominant gene. These last predominate.

Can you have my baby's eyes if we have dark eyes?

Experts point out that yes, if both parents have inherited the recessive gene from the clear eyes of their own parents.

Some eye disorders

There is a condition called leukocoria, which is determined by a white color of the pupil, and that could be due to a congenital cataract or a tumor in the retina (retinoblastoma).
Other disorders can generate phenomena rare in the pigmentation of the eyes. It is the case of chronic inflammatory processes such as uveitis, which causes one eye has a different colour than the other. You can also see a mole on the iris, in clear eyes, altered color perception, giving the impression of different colors in the eyes. The same thing could happen if the eye suffers a muscular trauma, as the iris may contract to leave the pupil dilated permanently. In that case, an eye would be black and the other lighter.

Is it dangerous that the baby is exposed to the flash?

No. Although exposure to a photographic camera may bother you, does not imply a danger for the sight of the newborn or alter the pigmentation of their eyes.

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