Halloween dientes

The main consequence is the appearance of caries, a chronic infectious diseases more common in infants.

This October 31 is Halloween and the children are already preparing their costumes to go in search of the precious treats. However, it is the time that parents should worry that their children will not eat them in excess, because your teeth are the first ones who could suffer the consequences.

According to Neide Thome, dentist Clinic Tooth of Milk, “the intake of sugary foods should be controlled, since they are fermented by bacteria and, in turn, the product of the fermentation is an acid that dissolves the crystals of the enamel, causing cavities,” he says.

Currently, dental caries is the chronic infectious disease most common in children and progresses rapidly in baby teeth –which are present from 6 months to 12 years– because the enamel is thinner and the nerve is closer to the surface, unlike the permanent ones. This can have serious repercussions on the general health of the baby (in some cases) and child, such as:

  • Visits of Urgency by intense pain
  • Dental care Early (which is stressful for the children)
  • Hospitalizations
  • Difficulty in adapting to the visit dental
  • Decrease of physical development, which leads to a poor quality of life

For these reasons, the specialist emphasizes that education is key in a preventive and self-care of the teeth of milk: “A child with tooth decay in their primary teeth will be, probably, one with caries in the permanent and, therefore, an adult with multiple dental treatments, with the economic consequences, physical, psychological and emotional that this implies,” he says.

Better to be safe than sorry

“80% of our patients are under the age of six years, that is to say, children who do not yet have permanent teeth in the mouth. However, many of them already come with cavities, which can be controlled –depending on how advanced they are– thanks to preventive dentistry and minimally invasive,” explains Thome.

He adds that, “even the parents should take their children to a first visit with a dentist at six months –the age at which you begin the eruption of teeth, to the east with important information about the promotion of oral health from infants, such as the cleaning of tongue and gums with a gauze pad or thimbles of silicone, in addition to receiving tips on habits of posture, tongue thrust, mouth breathing, and food,” he concludes.

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