Cómo será mi hijo al nacer

In this article you will find:

  • What is the DNA?
  • Why the baby looks more like the father than to myself? (or vice versa)

All dad or mom question, “How will my child at birth” “Will you be my eyes?” “Do you have the nose of the mom or the dad?”.

Only at the moment of birth –and in reality some time after– we can see it and begin to clearly identify their features, their smile, their eye color or their gestures.

All these aspects are determined by the DNA.

What is the DNA?

It is a double-stranded spiral that keeps the genetic information of a human being. Is constituted by about 30 thousand genes and organised in chromosomes.

At the moment of conception, the 23 chromosomes from the mother's egg join with the 23 chromosomes from the sperm cell of the father. The combination of 46 chromosomes that occurs as result is unique; no other being has a DNA like any other, with the exception of identical twins.

Why the baby looks more like the father than to myself? (or vice versa)

This occurs because some genes are more dominant than others.

– Eye color: The pigmentation of the eyes depends on the dominant gene; the dark eyes are a dominant character, and the clear a recessive character. Therefore, if the dad has brown eyes and the mom, the blue, the more likely it is that the baby has coffee. If the 2 are the eyes of the same color, then the baby will inherit that color, though sometimes the genes of the ancestors can influence also.

– The color of the skin: the same thing Happens with the pigmentation of the eyes. The brown skin is dominant compared to the skin more clear.

– Height: Although many times the height is determined by the parents, does not depend on 100% of the genetics, since there are other factors that affect the height, such as nutrition or diseases to which it is exposed, the child.

– Intellectual ability: Although in this aspect there are divided views, recent studies show that a person's intelligence is influenced by education and the environment in which it develops, rather than by hereditary factors.

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