Niños- Tips para evitar las caries en tu hijo

Oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth in children. To prevent decay, they must learn to brush your teeth properly after every meal, but especially in the evening and before bedtime, so that the bacteria of the mouth do not come into contact with food debris, and damage to the tooth enamel.

Experts point out that the habits for the care of the teeth should begin in the fourth month of the baby, in the moment you stop drinking only milk and begin to include porridge and other foods in your diet.

How to wash their little teeth

As a minimum, young children should brush their teeth 2 times a day. Ideally, after breakfast and before going to bed. This should be a habit that they carry out without question or forget.

To teach them to clean their teeth, you can include brushing in a routine of games. By the time children are 2 years, have most of their teeth, so that you can teach them to use a little toothpaste with fluoride.

It is best to teach them the importance of this daily habit through your example. That is to say, they must see that you brush your teeth, which you always do and that is fun to do.

You can tell them how to clean their teeth with much care, by all sides, and to tell you that, if the bacteria are in contact with the food, they can form cavities in their beautiful dientecillos.

You should never associate a dental cleaning with a vengeance. It has to be a custom that is related to the link between dads and sons, to show them that you want them both to take care of all the parts of your body, including your smile.

Thus, children will not create traumas related to the dentist or brushing the teeth every day.

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