Hombre parto

It came time to give birth! Although the woman seems the more nervous, the man is not free from fears, although apparent otherwise.

We tell you, in a sequence, some of the feelings of the father at the birth of his son:

  1. When the time came to go to the hospital, what you see is calm. You think: “Ok, we're going to have the baby”
  2. The setting in the room, all goes well. Think: “it was Not so terrible!”.
  3. Then he is looking at you in love and thinks: “I Admire this beautiful woman.”
  4. When they start strong contractions. Thinks: “But... why are you changing everything?”
  5. The midwife or nurses tell you that you bid on. Think: “what Will be good to look at what is happening “out there”?
  6. Look. You think: “Oh, my God!”.
  7. Begins to get the baby. Terrified, you think: “I can see your huge head!”.
  8. Because you cannot control your emotion. He says: “My love, how you can! It pushes! It is my son!”.
  9. The baby is born. She can no longer speak. You only see fall your tears.
  10. Take the baby for the first time and thinks: “it Is mine, I did it”.
  11. Finally, after seeing everything you went through, can't stop thinking: “I'm the luckiest guy in the world”.

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