During December, increases the electrical consumption of the homes, since the regular use of electrical appliances adds to the vast amount of christmas lights and other electrical items decorative. Get to know some steps to avoid accidents.

The academic of the School of Technical Training at University of the Pacific, Carlos Valley, points out that to give a solution to the high power demand is to not only use a greater amount of sockets or extenders. “To connect to a greater amount of electrical appliances, what is needed is to have a proper installation that will provide safety for you, your family, and your property,” he says.
In fact, Carlos Valle, who is an engineer and an authorized installer SEC, explains that “the main causes of fires or accidents by electrocution on these dates are derived precisely from bad electrical installations”.

Among the various causes are short circuits, “which can be produced by a mechanical stress or the union of two electrical conductors, by the malfunction of a device auto power off or by the use of electric conductors, old or in poor condition”, explains the specialist.
Also common are overheating of cables. “They occur when there is an electrical overload of a circuit or the increase of devices connected to the same point, with the use of extensions or extension cords,” the academic of the University of the Pacific.
Finally, and no less important, the accidents occur because of not respecting the safety standards. “When an electrical installation is not performed by a person authorized by the SEC or are not used artifacts with certification of the same, the risk is much higher,” says Valley.

To avoid this type of failure, the specialist of the University of the Pacific recommended to take 10 key steps:

Verify that the electrical installation in your home is certified.. otherwise, look For the advice of a electrical installer authorized.

If you see bare wire or in bad conditions, stay away from it and look for an electrical installer authorised repair.

Do not leave christmas lights running all night; this can lead to a heating of the electrical conductors. Also, when you leave home, unplug all the christmas lights.

Avoid connecting all the electrical cords in the same outlet to avoid overloading the electrical circuits of the housing. To do this, distribute the additional load that is generated by the use of decorative lights and ornaments illuminated, connecting the electrical accessories in different outlets in the home.

Ensure that all electrical cords or christmas lights include small protection fuses to isolate a local fault of the installation without affecting the entire circuit of the house.

Do not make on your own joints or unions home among the facilities up for christmas. Leave that work to a electrical installer authorized by the SEC.

Do not use permanent extensions and, above all, do not put them under rugs because they can overheat and cause a fire.

Check that the christmas lights outside, mainly in doors and windows, can withstand rain or the weather; this must specify it on the label or the packaging of the manufacturer.

Be careful when making splices or joints in decorative lights outdoor, because the bars and windows can be energized and cause a fire or risk of electric shock.

If you have the possibility of using christmas lights LED, do so, because the consumption of this type of lights is inferior to the traditional.

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