infertilidad padres

Among the most recurrent causes of infertility are problems and testicular varicocele in men, and difficulties ovulatory and tubarias in women.

Currently there are many couples who struggle pos to be parents. The issue of infertility, which up to some years ago was taboo, today it is to open doors with the aim of seeking the causes and heal the problem.

Rose Marie Meier, gynaecologist Clinic Avansalud explains that complications such as obesity and problems tubarios are the main factors of infertility in women, while the difficulties testicular-including the varicocele, infectious disease, and cryptorchidism (when one testicle does not descend at birth)-are those that affect men. “The causes of male are about 35 to 40%, female 40 to 45% and 20% to 30% mixed, which occurs when both are affected,” he explains.

The specialist says that during a year of sexual activity without protection, the success rate for achieving pregnancy is 85%, rising to 92% at 24 months and 93% the third year. “Although the percentage increases with the passage of time, if after a year you have not achieved pregnancy or if the woman already exceeded 35 years and has a risk factor, as a suspicion of endometriosis or a history of infectious diseases, it is recommended to consult the specialist to get out of doubt.”

Depending on the cause and severity that is causing the infertility in the case that this is so, dr. Meier states that a large percentage is susceptible to treatment. “In women, when the factor ovulatory is for excess weight and insulin resistance, this can be solved in most cases with diet and exercise” explains. Also in the case of certain disorders uterine walls, are treatable surgically.

“In the case of men, the varicocele can be operated, and subsequently control, in order to assess the quantity and quality of the sperm,” says the physician.
When the cause of infertility is age, there is not much to do, because the quality of the eggs is the one that is affected significantly. This last point is very important, because the gynaecologist explains that as women age -especially over the 35 years - the quantity and oocyte quality is declining, a process that does not occur in men.

The Cigar, the worst enemy.

Among the external causes that cause problems in the health of eggs and sperm, dr. Meier says that tobacco has a role detrimental, both in men and women. “ In simple words, the effect that causes the cigarette in women, is the same as having 10 more years to the actual age, which translates into poorer quality oocyte and embryo. In men, it causes alterations in the hormone level that affects the quality and quantity expected, in addition to the mobility of this”, he emphasizes.

Unconditional support

It is very important that when a couple decides to go to a fertility specialist, go together. This is because it is a situation that involves both of them, and they are the two that studies should be conducted to find the causes of the delay in the arrival of children. In addition, the specialist adds another point to highlight: “to Go to the two, shows clearly a family project, that requires a great deal of mutual understanding, commitment, and emotional support”.

The time that it takes to achieve pregnancy, then you start the treatment, depends exclusively on the cause and severity of the factors that are influencing the infertility, so that you cannot give deadlines. You should trust in the treatment and thus readily reach the desired result.

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