In the world die of about 360 thousand people, is the product of suffocation by immersion. According to the WHO, is the third leading cause of injury death worldwide, and in Chile, is the third leading cause of accidental death in childhood; 4,2 deaths per hundred thousand children under the age of 5 years.

Came the summer season, increased temperatures, the kids are on vacation and the better picture it was still a good day in the pool, however you have to be extremely careful with the little ones and adolescents.
Emergency Clinic explains that children under the age of 5 years are the most likely to suffer this type of accident, between 40% and 50% of cases of drowning occur between 1 and 4 years of age and usually because the adult in charge was neglected for a few seconds. “You don't need a swimming pool completely filled so that a small choke, bathtubs, tubs, sinks, or toilet, they contain the sufficient amount of liquid to an accident”.
The second group of risk are male adolescents for alcohol consumption, and excessive confidence or boldness. Usually organize games of jumps that can lead to serious injury to head and spine.

The specialist always keep in mind these precautions:

- Constantly look at the children.
- Monitor older children and adolescents who have a disability or illness.
- Avoid risk situations such as blue-footed boobies, and chinitas.
- Wear a life jacket suitable for the weight and size of the child. Do not rely on this element or of the traditional wings, always an adult should supervise.
- You should not use toys that float as a lifeguard or of other type within the pool, since the child will tend to look for it every time you lose.
- Essential is to place fences around the pool with measures of at least 1, 50 meters high, with bars separated by 8 cm. The door must open outward with self-closing and lockable to prevent that a child can open and climb.
- If possible, add mesh or plastic cover that resists at least up to 120 kg

Techniques of Resuscitation

In the case of witnessing an accident, the first recommendation is to not despair and take the appropriate measures to prevent a fatal outcome. Monica explains that the first thing is to remove the child or young person of the pool, “this must be done immediately to prevent brain damage which can occur in just a few seconds, to quickly check if you're breathing, if it is well that you have to place it to the side to expel the water and thereby avoid falling into unemployment by aspirarla. If not breathing or moving, you must immediately start CPR 30 compressions for 3 breaths for 5 cycles of 2 minutes.
If you are alone, is this time to ask for help. Assess if the child is breathing or not, if you still do so, continue with CPR until help arrives. If the child is breathing, put it aside and move to the health care center nearest to you for immediate assessment. Never try to pull the water from the stomach, as it can worsen the situation.”
It is important not to lose sight of our children and to have all the security necessary to prevent accidents.

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