The main council of safety for these summer holidays: How to give life to your home when you are not in it?
  • During this period, people go on vacation and tend to disconnect all the stereo equipment, televisions, lights, and, generally, to “leave your home”; it is for this reason that Prosegur Alarms recommends quite the opposite: Make your home seem inhabited throughout the day and night.
  • Another of the tips for this period of time and, why not, for the whole year: do Not talk about private life with the taxi drivers, the replacement staff during the summer and that are not of his absolute trust.
They finished the year-end holidays and, just as quickly, he spent the first week of January and, as has already been given to know, from the second half of the month the biggest quantity of vacationers out of their homes way to spend a memorable holiday.
It is for this reason that Prosegur Alarms recommends that you put a lot of attention to the following safety tips, where the 2016, the item master will be: How to give life to your home to make it look inhabited day and night, and, in this way, to avoid passing a bad time right in your rest period.

1.- Most people turn off all the electronic equipment of your home, but STOP! You can leave at least one or two televisions that are visible from the exterior of your home with a timer to turn on, for example, hours of tv series, morning reports, and news. In addition, his team of music might be scheduled to be a pledge during the morning –an hour of grooming - and, during the night.
2.- The same thing happens with the lights. Already there is in the department stores timers that are economic that you can buy for some of the lights in your home turn on at certain times. Also, remember to disconnect your landline phone to not ring and not be able to hear you from the street. This way it would prevent the anti-social think that your house is single.
3.- It is very important that your frontyard garden is watered constantly so that not a sense of abandonment with the soil and the plants dry. In the case of having a sprinkler auto, use it. And, if you do not have one, remember to ask your trusted neighbor or family member do it for you.
4.- If you have hired a service to get the newspaper and certain magazines every day, stop momentarily, or call to change the address. So, you avoid accumulating in the entrance of your home.
5.-Always remember that trash, leaves, and dirt accumulates easily. It is for this reason that it is also very important to worry that someone will sweep the frontyard garden.
6.- Do not leave blinds or curtains completely closed, is a clear sign of absence.

Once it gave life to your home, follow the tips remaining...

7.- Closure with double locked doors. Not only the input, but also for all the rooms. This way, you will be a little more difficult the work of criminals.
8.- In the case of having a alarm system, make sure that it is enabled and working properly. Also, remember to update the contact details with your security company.
9.- Not to talk about your trip on social networks, and also to clarify that is outside with your entire family. Also, remember to disable all the geolocation options in their apps, such as Twitter or Foursquare, because it inadvertently is giving a signal that your house is uninhabited.
10.- Do not discuss the private life with the taxi drivers, the replacement staff during the summer and that are not of his absolute trust.

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