• If you are going on vacation and cannot carry your pet, take the following precautions that suggests a veterinary doctor.
Are you ready for the holidays? If you plan to leave for a few days outside the home, either domestic destinations or international, you must think of what to do with your pet. One of the options is to take it with you, but many times the obstacles in the aircraft and the standards of the hotels, which complicate the matter.
Pets suffer when the master is away from home, whether for a few days or weeks. It is not enough just to leave them enough food and water, because the pets need a little more than that. “Dogs and cats can not live without the care of their masters or persons in charge for long periods. Are not autovalentes, as they need fresh water every day and proper food. Not to be left moored for long periods, as it is very stressful for them,” warns Dr. Sylvia Arrau, a professor of the career of Veterinary Medicine of the University of the Pacific.
Therefore, the specialist is not recommended to leave the pet alone in the home, but it is better to ask another person for their care. “In the event that the absence is a week or more, it is advisable to leave your pet under the care of a neighbor or responsible relative. It is important to this point, because a dog, especially in an unfamiliar environment, you can try to escape, trying to locate its owner.Pets become depressed and suffer from separation, generating pathologies of behavior that can have serious consequences in relations with their masters, so you have to be careful where they are left during the holidays and for how long,” says dra. Arrau.
Since already some years ago, hotels for animals are becoming a real alternative for owners who go on vacation for long periods and who want to ensure that your pet is well cared for. However, the veterinary called to take enough precautions with these places. “There are some hotels that consider animal welfare in any sense, while others are not so good. The masters should verify before the specific place where dwell the pet, if you have recreational facilities and qualified personnel, if there is an available veterinarian for emergencies, especially for older animals or in treatment,” she suggests.
In the hotels for animals are frequently observed large cages and that is why we must be attentive to those details when you decide to leave the pet there. “There are places where you are all the time within a cage, which generates a great deal of stress. It is important to take the food to which it is accustomed to the animal, so there are no sudden changes. There are to wear it too with all their vaccinations and antiparasitic treatment of the day. Do not forget the vaccine against kennel cough, a disease that although is not usually serious, it is very contagious at places such as hotels and pet-breeding facilities”, concludes the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of the Pacific.

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