Eyaculacion precoz

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction-male that affects 1 out of every 3 men.

Many are the men who come in distress Center Miintimidad, looking for a solution to this problem that will cause embarrassment, anxiety, low self-esteem, insecurity and isolation.

Today, women assert their rights in sexuality and search for pleasure, ask your partner to prolong the time of sexual encounters, with which the man is forced to pay and have greater control over their ejaculation to satisfy her.

Is defined as a premature ejaculator, the man who is unable to exercise voluntary control on the ejaculatory reflex, where the time it takes to ejaculate during penetration intravaginal is less than a minute.

Many of these men, do not allow your partner to touch you and usually the game prior to sexual intercourse is very short, for fear of losing the erection and to ejaculate without voluntary control.

During sexual activity, there is often a decrease of the perception of the erotic sensations, and when the man feels intensely excited, it is not possible to have consciousness premonitoras about the orgasm and the ejaculation, or feel in advance when this is triggered, not allowing time to use any technique to stop or delay the ejaculatory reflex.

Many men with premature ejaculation fall into the relationship with anxiety and fear perform poorly and ejaculate before penetration or does not last long enough to satisfy your partner.

If this state persists, it frequently produces discouragement, isolation, and avoidance of sexual encounters.

Are varied methods that are commonly used to solve this problem, as it distracted from the sex act by focusing on other things, change of position, use of retardant ejaculation or anesthetic, condoms with lidocaine, contracting the muscles of the perineum, among others.

Many men decide to start a treatment as a last resort or after being given an ultimatum by their partners.

This sexual dysfunction if you have solution and must be addressed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a Urologist, a Sexologist and massage therapist specialist in sexual Dysfunctions. The treatment approach is oriented to become aware of the sensations pre ejaculating and learn specific techniques of voluntary control of the ejaculatory reflex. As a result of a good treatment, the patient will have confidence in yourself, improve your self-esteem, decrease your anxiety, you will have control over your ejaculation and achieve healthy relationships and sexual health a pleasant and satisfactory.

Odette Freundlich
Director of Center Miintimidad
Kinesiologist specialist in sexuality and dysfunctions of the pelvic floor.

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