• The tooth brushing is one of the main actions to avoid the occurrence of diseases such as cavities and keep teeth healthy.
  • Make this routine a habit family and it seems like a game are some of the keys to make this habit something playful and fun, and it's a difficult task to carry.

Many parents think that milk teeth of their children, by not being definitive, do not require the same care as the pieces that will be permanent. However, also called primary teeth play a fundamental role in the development of oral children, so it is necessary to promote the formation of good habits of oral hygiene to control oral diseases as common as tooth decay and gingivitis.

In that sense, “the tooth brushing is the first step to get healthy teeth into adulthood, because teaching our children cleaning routines from small we are delivering benefits for whole life”, says Dr. Neide Thome, dentist Clinic Tooth, who emphasizes that “a clean tooth does not get sick”.

We all know that the task is not easy for children to learn a lesson, but if we do so fun and entertaining, and with love, can we awaken interest in them. For this reason, dr. Thome delivery five tips to help parents to encourage the brushing of teeth in the smaller home:

  • Choose a brush of eye-catching colors and/or animated figures. Make sure that the head is small, with soft bristles and straight handle.
  • Make brushing a family routine: wash your teeth together with your child so that they can observe your movements; many children like to imitate their elders as a model.
  • Invents a game in front of the mirror: it Starts making faces, opening the mouth and drawing the tongue, and slowly inserted the brush to clean the teeth. You can also do that first child to brush and then monitor in a playful way the effectiveness of the latter, for example, using a doll brush, and thus, more fun.
  • Encouraged with a prize: this is Not to bribe your child, if not to praise him each time you wash the teeth with a sticker or star in any part of the house to motivate and want to continue to do so daily.
  • Choose a song: Sing it only at the time of brushing to your child to know that it is the time to do it. If it begins to get restless in the process of washing, sing until you calm down.

As general recommendations, the specialist Clinic Milk Tooth stresses that you must not use tooth paste until 2 years and after that age, the paste must be 500 ppm of fluorine in an amount equivalent to a grain of uncooked rice. It also argues that the brushing should be after every meal -at least two times a day-but brushing is fundamental, that is, the of the night, must be performed by an adult before bedtime, after brushing, the child should not be eating other food.

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