· The season of beaches and pools, the air-conditioning and pressure changes in travel can cause the occurrence of this painful infection.

· Expert of the auditory centers GAES delivery of the keys to prevent this annoyance

The arrival of high temperatures and the pools and beaches are filled with families on vacation, many times, unrelated to this problem that affects each summer to thousands of people. 84% of the otitis external that are produced in this era are spread in pools and beaches through bacteria (or fungi) and the combination of water and heat is one that favors their propagation.

For Luis Ortega, a speech therapist responsible for Quality, Training and Audiology GAES Chile, it is one of the most common ailments these days and the baths, the cold of the air conditioning and pressure changes during travel can give rise to the appearance of this infection, many times it's very painful and requires medical treatment.

Advice Hearing Centers GAES to prevent the dreaded otitis:

Keep ear dry: ear of summer is known as the otitis of the bather and is produced by the entry of water and moisture prolonged in the external auditory canal. To avoid any discomfort, it is best to keep the ears dry after bathing. The most effective is the use of plugs which fit well to our ears and to prevent the entry of water.

The wax is a means of natural defense of the canal, and in the case of pools, it is fundamental because it prevents the water to go deeply into the tube, because contact with the liquid, the wax encompasses and plugs the ears. Therefore, it is advised to clean the ears only in the outer part of the concha headset, never introduce any foreign material in the ears as cotonitos.

Careful with the temperature changes: The use of air conditioning also causes you to resent our ears. This is because these appliances reduce the humidity by producing an artificial environment which is cold and dry, which affects the respiratory tract. Luis Ortega ensures that the processes irritative or inflammatory that occur in the pathways for stay in these places, also affect the ears.

Hydrate aid: dehydration, in addition to producing dizziness or vertigo, may also cause tinnitus, or tinnitus, particularly by the decrease in the volume of blood in circulation and low blood pressure. In this case, you should pay a greater attention to children and the elderly are more prone to suffer from these situations, and increase your fluid intake on hotter days.

Eye to travel: During these months, air travel will soar. Some people are especially sensitive to pressure changes and, therefore, the air travel and change of height is resent your ears. Pressure changes can cause discomfort and hearing lead to a temporary hearing loss.

Decalogue to take care of your ears this summer:

· Keep the ears clean and dry after each bath.

· Make sure that the water of the swimming pool or the beach is clean. Bathing in contaminated water can cause ear infections.

· Enter the water slowly so that the water does not come abruptly to the ears.

· Use protectors to measure, is the most effective method so that water does not enter the ears.

· During air travel, avoid falling asleep in the landing and take-off. You can yawning, chewing gum or a candy to pop the ears.

· Take special care with the air currents and air-conditioners.

· In concerts, or festivals, you must avoid exposure to loud noises and a short distance away.

· Drink water frequently to avoid experiencing dizziness and tinnitus caused by dehydration.

· Do not insert objects in the ears such as the use of cotonitos as they can hinder the natural system of cleaning that has the ear, causing plugs.

· At the slightest symptom or discomfort, go to a specialist who can treat ear infections early and avoid developing a bigger problem.

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