Gastrointestinal infections, burns, otitis, fungus on feet and viruses such as the hanta are some of the infections and accidents to which it is exposed with greater ease in the summer season. Prevent and take the necessary measures are the base to rest comfortably.

The holidays are one of the instances most anticipated throughout the year, but too much relax can mean neglecting essential activities. Veronica Miranda, nurse of infection prevention and control Clinical Avansalud, explains that during this time people relax their habits, opening a window to gastrointestinal infections opportunistic “always observe the venue where you acquire or consume food, check to see if the place where you are going to a vacation is drinking water, wash your hands well before handling food, and rinse thoroughly fruits and vegetables. For no reason should I eat raw seafood and at booths on the street that do not have the basic measures of health. Without clean water it is impossible for the washing of hands during the handling of food and money.”

During this time, they appear to old ghosts as the virus hanta, caused by aerosols faecal issued by the so-called mouse “long-tailed”. Among the measures to prevent the spread are: if you are going to camp wear a mask, to remove the weeds in the event that there is, and to observe the presence of rodents; if it is an enclosed place, you must enter first an adult with a mask, sweep clean, use bleach and ventilate the premises before you occupy it, also observe the presence of mice. Always keep the garbage in closed bags and containers with a lid.

During the last few weeks there were two new threats, the virus Zika and the Frigate Portuguese. The specialist warns that it is necessary to inquire about and follow to the letter the indications given by the authorities. “If people ignore the recommendations, it is very likely that each day we have more infected” sentence.

Children and the Elderly, at-risk population.

Veronica, warns that older adults and children should always be considered as a population at risk because their status of immunity is much more fragile.

The little ones, they frequently suffer from infections by spending too much time submerged in the water, especially in swimming pools. The otitis is very recurrent and it is the Inflammation of the ear that causes severe pain, fever, and disorders in hearing.

Another ailment is the appearance of fungi on the feet, do not cause a serious problem but they are difficult to remove. The symptoms are itching and flaking in the folds between toes and prevents drying feet carefully. If you are going to make long treks under the sun, I hope the children can take leather shoes and cotton socks.

In older adults, the most frequent are gastrointestinal infections, which are of very careful as it is very easy to be triggered by a severe dehydration. “The elderly have a diminished sense of thirst, so they lose the habit of taking liquid. This, coupled to a gastric disease can lead to a situation of gravity important. It is very important to provide water permanently,” says

Careful with the accidents


The small wounds and without risk there is to wash them vigorously with water and soap. Once washed and depending on the size you have, you can leave the air or put a covering of gauze. If the mucosa is open, it is not recommended the use of topical antiseptics such as iodine because it impairs the ability of healing because it damages the cells. “If it costs to stop the bleeding you should go to a health center and if the wound needs suturing you must remember that you can't spend more than two hours since the accident. Do not forget that the head bleeds profusely for a defense mechanism, there is not that frightening but if you evaluate the dimension of the wound.


The first recommendation according to the specialist, and the most important, is to not apply anything on the affected area, if it is superficial, with redness of the skin and a lot of pain, to perform a washing profuse, stop in the shade and cover with material non-adhesive to prevent rubbing. If the size is considerable and blistering, it is recommended to wash without breaking them and to assist where a professional who determined the level of the burn. The more it hurts, the less severe the burn, the absence of pain is an obvious sign of gravity. Depending on the level of the burn, may be taken fever during the night, for what is only recommended paracetamol which will also help to decrease the pain.


If there is a bite of a dog, a mouse or a bat and the skin breaks because of this, it is essential to wash with plenty of water, try to identify the animal and attend to the health care center. If the wound is very dirty and has a lot of depth, you will need to perhaps strengthen some vaccine. Don't kill the animal to determine the type of treatment the patient should receive.

The message, says Veronica is to prevent and do less than more. Wash with water and observe.


For the specialist it is best to assemble one of your own that you buy in shops. The ideal must contain:

Alcohol gel




Mild analgesic

If you are traveling with an allergic person, antistamínico recommended by the doctor previously.

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