The massage thoracic is a particular technique for the upper respiratory tract and does not replace any treatment respiratory therapy.

This type of massage is intended as a prophylaxis against respiratory distress. At the same time strengthens the muscles intercostal.

The massage chest can also be used to apply friction using prepared inhalational of all kinds against cooldowns.

In this case you should give the massage gently and do not rub for a long time, since most of these products contain menthol, which cools the skin. In healthy children use also -when possible - an aromatic oil (medicinal plants).

“The kite”

The massage chest starts with frictions in the form of a comet. Pass both hands by the central part of the body up to the height of the collarbone. At this point, handle towards the outside, then rotate them when you get to the armpit, and wrap laterally around the chest down. Then start again by making them move towards the top, above the sternum.

“The heart”

Shape with both hands in a large circle around the two halves of the chest. Go drawing circles simultaneously with the 2 hands drawing a “heart”. You can do this is also on only one side and then on the other.

“The old book”

Imagine that the chest of your child is a thick old bible. The pages of parchment that you have opened are wrinkled and you want to smooth these out. Place the 2 hands flat on the bottom of the center of the chest of the baby and slide them laterally to the outside.

Advance a light in the direction of the head and try to smooth massaging outward. Repeat this movement up a little each time until you reach shoulder height and your hands to glide above the collarbone.

“The little bird”

As in the kite, start the massage on top of the sternum. Then turn your hands and bring them above the collarbone towards the flanks (sides). When you arrive here, open the fingers and with the fingers open, make a rubbing from the outside to the inside, between the ribs of the child. The pressure must be weak, therefore you do not need to take into account the phases of inhalation and exhalation of the baby. Then repeat the exercise “The comet”

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