A separation or divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it tends to be devastating for children, especially if they do not understand what happened, and their fears and anxieties are heightened.

Added to this, a divorce generates alterations in your family routine, the way of living and many other changes. For this reason, it is essential to communicate to children the reasons and the details that will involve this new life after the separation.

What should be explained to them

Something very important is to agree to determine what version of the story, tell the children. It must be consistent and must be considered in each idea as a team; with a clear understanding that while there will be more of a partner, will be your parents for life. Everything they say and do, they must do so for the sake of the little ones, overcoming the differences that parents may have.
In reality, it should be clear that it is not possible to forget the ex, as it will continue to be an important figure in the lives of the children they have in common; the need to respect the father figure and the mother.
On the other hand, divorce or separation should not be a taboo subject. Depending on the age of the children, they can provide different information, but it is not healthy to hide what is going to happen. Otherwise, it could lead to problems in the confidence of the children and worse disappointments in the future. Any questions that you have, must be heard and answered with honesty and sincerity.

And then, what?

It is impossible for the children to feel secure if the parents are not clear on what will happen after the divorce. Therefore, both must talk about the days of visit, who they are going with a vacation or what changes you see in your daily routine.
It is advisable that, to begin with, customs are not seen seriously altered, so that is not too drastic for the children.
If you strive for the conflicts of adults do not undermine the love of parents no doubt all will be benefited, do not forget that the highest good is the happiness and tranquility of your small more than to win a dispute with your former partner.

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