To ensure the safety of the children is one of the main concerns of every parent. When you are small, you may be very desperate to think of what could happen to go to school, to play outside the park or be surrounded by strangers.

To be more quiet, I will talk about some steps you can take to prevent something as terrible as a kidnapping.
Start by alerting your children about potential dangers. You must tell them clearly that there are individuals who could deceive them to take with them and that should take care of yourself.

Teach them the following tips on security and privacy:

Know by heart the emergency number, like 911, or the police of your country
If they are lost, enter a local or grocery store and ask for help
Never say you are alone in the house
Do not walk paths that do not know
Always thrilled to share any experience that desconcierte
Ask for help if you feel afraid of someone
Refuse to any adult who will ask for help to them
Do not accept anything from a stranger
Scream as loud as they can (he rehearsed with them)

Pay attention to all the signals that you give your children

There are certain signs of danger that might give you an idea that something is wrong or frightens your little ones.

Following these recommendations, whether to recognize a problem or to prevent it:

If you have nightmares recurring, ask them that you have
Any change in your behavior can indicate that someone you are intimidated
Comments on the news and informal things that are happening in the world to raise awareness
Recálcales that can tell you everything; parents must be open and always to assist them to not look for that support in the other hand
It is best not to put a name to your clothing or backpack so that no stranger will call you by your name
Keep updated photos of them if you need to go to the police

Do not think that this is very extreme, it is always better to prevent than to cure. When establishing an emergency plan, as well as rehearse critical situations, you'll be able to feel much more calm and you will know how to react if something bad happens.

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