A tattoo can be a nonsense for the parents, but it is attractive for young people. If you have a teen, you've probably faced a similar situation. How do you react?

First try to put yourself in their place: why do you want a tattoo? What type of drawing you want? Where intended to tattooing? After talking with him, you may want to consider a few things.

  1. The factor fashion

Let him see that what that tattoo will accompany you for ever, and that if I wanted to delete it would be very painful and expensive. In addition, what you want today, you may not like in 10 or 20 years more. Explain that to make a decision influenced by the fashion or the excitement you can bring him to repent after.

  1. The factor appearance

You may not think about it now, but at some point your child will want to get a job, fall in love or have children. Tell him that you think well if your tattoos could influence what you do in the future or on what others think of him.

  1. The factor pain

Do you really is aware of what hurts a tattoo? Many times when you tell that there are needles involved, diminish the desire to draw the body with ink.

  1. The factor health

It is one of the most important aspects of mention, since there are risks associated with tattoos, either by a poor hygiene of a facility not authorized or by the use of needles that were not sterilized. Menciónale that could get even a disease as terrible as AIDS. Recálcale the importance of looking for a place that respects hygiene standards.

And, why not a tattoo temporary?

One of the less painful and cheaper is a tattoo temporary. It can serve to test a type of drawing or pattern, to make sure of the decision.

If after all the talking, your child will still want to tattoo, they will have to come to an agreement as a family, respecting each other. IF you follow these tips, you will not regret not having helped to analyze the pros and cons of your decision, and candidates will demonstrate that you really care about your safety. That will give you the tools to grow and think well before you act.

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