The egg is a food that is very nutritious with a high intake of vitamins B, A and D. however, it is not recommended to introduce it in the diet of a baby so soon. When may you include and how you should prepare?

At what age can you eat an egg?

If your baby is less than 7 months, you can't give egg. In fact, it now tends to delay the diversification of food to prevent allergies in children. From that age onwards, you can introduce the egg in small doses gradually.

7 to 8 months

You can give half yolk of hard-boiled egg, extra fresh (not older than 7 days). Mix it with lunch or dinner, replacing the meat or fish. You can grind it and stir with the vegetables. If it is to the liking of the child, you can give this portion a maximum of 2 times per week. The egg white is better to leave it aside, as they may cause allergies.

9 months to 1 year

At this age, the small can eat the egg white. Replaced a couple of times a week the serving of animal protein per medium egg. If you're sure that the egg is extra fresh, you can use another preparation in addition to hard, as for example, to make an omelette with it. You can also use egg to give a cake, always and when the egg is cooked through. Avoid giving mousse, custard, meringue or egg to the cup.

1 to 3 years

Until the age of 3 servings of eggs should be reduced, as priority is being given to a based diet of dairy products in young children.

You must keep on giving 1 egg 1 or 2 times a week in replacement of the meat or the fish. Not exceed the amount, as it is important to limit protein intake in children, to prevent problems of obesity.

In this period, your son can eat eggs and little events, always and when they are fresh, with no more than 7 days of posts. If you make custards or a mousse, you have to keep them a maximum of 24 hours in the fridge.

What to do in case of allergies or a history of food allergies within the family circle? It is best to wait until the baby is a year old to enter the egg. Consultation with your pediatrician, as egg allergy is common in children.

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