A burn injury can be severe, leaving scars or damage deeper. This article will help you know what precautions to take and how to treat different burns.

Classes of burns

The children are so curious that it is very easy to put their hands where they shouldn't. To begin you must know what types of burns are:

Burns 1st degree: they are frequent and leave a reddish color on the skin.
Burns of grade 2: leave the skin red, shiny and with blisters. Are more painful than first degree.
3rd degree burn: these are the most serious, as they do not show pain because it burns the nerves of the skin. Blisters are present color-black or white ash. Require medical attention instantly.
What to do if my child is burned?
Do not be alarmed, you must be quiet to perform first aid.
Put the wound under a cold water faucet.
If you have blisters, don't you burst or pour creams or remedies on the skin, which will cause more burning.
Regardless of the class of burn, takes the child to the doctor to prevent.

How to avoid burns

Your home must be child-proof, that is to say, you must notice that electrical installations are secure and that the cables and the appliances are not at your fingertips.
Never leave a child alone next to a stove or kitchen, or let you handle hot liquids.
Teach him the importance of safety, so that you do not risk to suffer burns.

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