Almost always the attention is focused on the new mom and her beautiful baby, leaving aside the emotions of fatherhood.

In this note we will talk about how to deal with the role of dad.

  • Peace to all

The birth of the small can general something of anguish and nervousness. But so that you can enjoy your child, you must calm down and muster the patience.

  • Parents present

Take a few days of work after the birth of the baby is allowed. These days are unique because the child is newly opening eyes to the world and the mom needs help to recover.

  • Committed parents

Men can change diapers and make sleep the baby. The sooner you learn, the better you will do.

  • A unique refuge

At least for a time, do not let themselves be bombarded with thousands of visits. In the first week, it is ideal that they are only 3, to rest and enjoy your link.

  • Love and tenderness: the key

A good dad is also a good partner. You should tell your wife how much you appreciated and admired, and so was willing to spend those 9 months. For her, an “I love you” and a “thank you” will be wonderful.

  • Cooperating at home

The ancient men sat in the armchair with the remote control. That has ended; now help with the chores at home. Neither washing nor cooking are impossible tasks for a dad.

  • Surprise!

You should always be on the lookout to surprise the mom. The protagonists of this story are you next to the baby, so that you should not let go of the flowers or the chocolates.

  • Creating routines

After the first week, you might think to go for a walk with the baby. Will make them very well-a breath of fresh air and start to show the world to their offspring.

  • Enough rest

So the whole family can rest well, the baby should be able to sleep. The dad can apply baby oil on your cuerpito, masajeándolo to relax after bathing. This practice will leave you ready to sleep like a dormouse.

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