The accessory more common in small are the diapers, and yet there are times that you hate to put them on. If that is the case of your baby, you may move it is quite a feat. Probably patalee, yell or pull away just stop looking at it. And if your child is about to leave the diapers, also you may prefer to walk to “potito peeled” for life.

If the little one makes a habit of it, will be really unpleasant, so if it gets dirty as if it undoes all your hard work, change and dress him. How do I remedy it? Follow these simple steps.

Always cover the diaper with a pant or short

If abotonas one of these clothes over the diaper, it will be that much more complicated to access it and pull it out. Anyway, children are very clever, so after a time monitors that don't learn to unbutton the clothing.

Purchase bodys or enteritos

This type of clothing is even more difficult to remove because they cover your whole body, buttoning up beneath the legs. Also, they are an excellent option for the cold days, and also there are more thin for the summer.

Change the diapers for pull ups

The pull ups, or diapers of training, help the child in the transition to let the diaper definitely, and as they don't have velcro, you can go up and down without problems; what will make you look at the diapers in a more positive.

Use tape to secure the velcro

If there is nothing to prevent the little get away, you'll have to use a technique a little more extreme; to reinforce the velcro with tape.

As your baby matures, you'll have to be a mom super creative to deal with this type of situations. Cheer up!

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