There are abundant books to help the mother to prepare for childbirth, but, what you must do dad on the day of delivery?

Not much talk of them on that day, but are just as important as the rest of your family. In this note we will share some useful data so that they are better prepared for the big day.

In the delivery room

Many dads choose to be present at the birth of his son. This is very positive as it strengthens the bond between parent and child from the same principle. Also, the couple relationship becomes more profound.

Anyway, there are certain things to keep in mind before entering the delivery room. Some men have fainted to see the exit of the baby, so it may be better to take a position a little more withdrawn and stay to the side of your partner, to look at her face and take her hand.

How to support the mom

The mother needs all the support in those minutes, you are happy, but painful at the same time. For the parent it can be nerve-wracking not knowing how to help her, what to do to feel better, but most indicated is to be patient, to trust the medical team and breathe deeply to transmit a lot of peace and not to stress to the woman.

Enlist the necessary things

Although there are babies that come out “expelled” from his mom, in general, the delivery delay hours. Could last even half a day. Therefore, in addition to the bag of the mother and the baby, it is handy to have a bag for the father. Among the things you will need are: food, drink, clothing that is comfortable and useful for personal hygiene.

Plan together for the big day

A couple of weeks before the birth to talk about what to expect from that day. So the dad can make sure the preferences of your partner, what you want and don't want, if it fits into the delivery room, etc, Nothing better than a good communication for that day everything goes well and your dad can stay as king and regalonear to the mom-to-be every step toward the birth of their offspring.

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