When it comes to dressing your little one, you should take care not to have excessive cold or heat, because their ability of thermal regulation is not developed even for sudden changes of temperature; it should stay close to 20 degrees Celsius.


They are super practical disposable diapers. Depending on the weight of the child, it will be the size of the diaper. If you realize that these diapers will cause allergy to the child, you can use a diaper-traditional cotton with a plastic coating. Leave the navel clear if it still hasn't healed, bending the top of the diaper before you close it with the adhesive side. You must move them frequently, 4 to 6 times a day, ideally at the time of the meals and each time you see it uncomfortable or have a bad smell. When you close the diaper, secures well to the adhesive tape to prevent the escape of something from the sides, taking care not to tighten too much.

The clothes

Focus on the practical aspect and roomy, which allows to move the child without problems. Choose cotton garments easy to take out and put. In seasons frost, abrígalo well with woolen clothing over your underwear. Notice that your belly is under the clothes and you don't mind the underwear getting pulled off for other garments. It is very helpful to use enteritos or bodys to ensure the latter. Also, making sure not to have excessively to the child.

If the baby is very small, it avoids all of the clothing that is
placed by the side of the head that are uncomfortable. Also avoid clothing with ribbons or ropes that may be hanging. If the dress fastens behind, it is better to put the child upside down.

The cleaning on the move

Disinfect the navel

Until the end of the umbilical cord falls off, apply alcohol 600 with a cotton swab, and then an antiseptic colorless with the other end of the swab. Put the dressing and covers the end of the cord disinfected with a sterile gauze pad. You can also clean the belly button with water and after drying, apply the product antiseptic on the dressing.

Clean your glass

Lie baby on back and lift her legs with one of your hands. Clean with a cotton ball or wet wipe his buttocks and thighs. Wash the genital area and removes all traces of soap, rinsing well, and going again a bit of cotton.

If it is a little girl, go over each fold, between the vaginal lips, always from front to back. Don't forget to dry the area very well.

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