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Unfortunately, the moments of connection with the baby while you are breastfeeding can be cloudy with some problems. But if you follow the following tips, you will enjoy more of breastfeeding.

Prevents the obstruction mammary

After the rise of the milk, it may happen that the production exceeds the needs of the baby. Therefore, the breasts are filled with milk, weigh and hurt. The causes are various: lack of skin elasticity, an incorrect output of milk or problems with sucking in the small.

This condition is distinguished from mastitis, as the pain does not present with fever, nor other discomforts. The solution is to empty the breast after each feed.

One way to unclog the chest is giving a hot shower, due to the action of the pressure of the jet of hot water on the mammary glands.

Another alternative with the poultice antiflogistina or alumina; or homeopathic remedies such as Apis, Belladonna, Arnica, Urtica urens, Pulsatilla, etc

Regarding the bra, it should be of good quality with glasses deep, taking care not to overtighten, as this could affect the distribution of milk in the same amount of the mammary gland. The underwear especially for breastfeeding can be handy, but not essential.

It is important to distinguish the obstruction of normal mammary which is accompanied by lymphangitis. In this case, the skin reddens and suffers from fever. To treat this problem, you must give chest to empty the gland. And if the fever does not subside after 48 hours, go to the doctor to get an antibiotic. Also useful are the poultices of antiflogistina or alumina.

In the state of abscess, it goes up much fever, along with chills and sweats. Some studies have pointed out that you must extract the milk and throwing it away, forcing the small to take artificial milk for a period. However, other studies associated with breastfeeding (even when the mother takes antibiotics, those who do not pass to the child by the milk) as the best and most speedy cure for the infection.

Prevents back pain

Another recurring concern in breastfeeding moms is the tiredness and back pains. The solution is simple, as is summarized in to find a comfortable position to feed their offspring.

Some of the proper positions are:

  • Lying on the bed
  • Side with the baby lying down in front of her
  • Sitting in a chair with armrests to support the arm on which the baby rests while feeding

Always be you should feed the baby vertically, that is to say, the child should be facing the breast and his mouth at the level of the nipple.

Avoid making the case to the myths

On the other hand, there are stories associated with breastfeeding that are not true, such as, for example, the fear of nipples umbilicados, this is flat or sunken. However, these do not affect breastfeeding, so it is necessary to demystify the idea that a nipple badly shaped it is a serious problem.

There are No impediments to the baby latch on the areola of the chest, regardless if the nipple is flat. After a few days of feeding, the nipple will take the normal form.

Is more, if you place some mechanism to achieve the nipple, like a breast pump, teats, intermediaries, etc, you will not have the expected results. On the contrary, the baby will get tired trying to breastfeed.

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