At the beginning of the lactation, or in intervals without feeding, it can occur that there is an obstruction mammary, normal phenomenon marked by an inflammation of the breasts, which compresses the conduit through which the milk comes out.

Breasts may swell up, get hard or pull the nipple. You may feel that your breasts weigh of milk, but without that it can flow.


Generally, between day 2 and 4 after birth, it creates a blockage in the chest, in the moment in which occurs the transition from colostrum to milk.

The main cause of this phenomenon is the accumulation of blood serum, the surrounding cells of the mammary gland by lowering the milk, producing an edema that surrounds it, without which there is an excess of milk. As the areola is stretched out so much by the swelling, the baby is unable to suck.


When the baby learns to suck properly the milk regularly, the milk let-down has no setbacks. Therefore, one way to prevent clogging is to ensure that the little one can feed well from both breasts, as often as possible. If you do not breast enough, you can sacártela you at the appropriate times.

In addition, it is important that when you breastfeed you are relaxed and at peace. If you suffer from a blockage, you choose to use fasteners of breastfeeding, that you do not squeeze the area, which prevent circulation problems and a poor distribution of milk in the mammary gland.


The ideal option is to stimulate the chest, that is to say, to breastfeed. You should not decrease or avoid giving your baby, but encourage them to do it frequently. A way of helping the baby to suck is to put baby to bed face up and get over him in 4 legs, a position known as “la loba romana”.

Breastfeeding allows the breast to activate its flow and the system flow. If you want to relax the breast before giving milk, apply heat on it with a warm compress. So you will speed up the circulation of the blood and you will unlock the breast. Another way of desobstruirlo is to give you a massage. And, between takes, you can use cold compresses for the pain to subside.

The obstruction breast, though painful, improved in a short time, then 24-48 hours. It is advisable to rest while you are as well. With time, the milk production will conform completely to the demand of your son.

Now, if you continue with this problem after a few days, see a health care professional to treat your obstruction properly preventing a more serious infection: the dreaded mastitis.

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