The bath time of your little one is the ideal to check and clean the different areas of the body that require special care: the buttocks, the genital area and the scalp.

The buttocks

Clean your butt with a washcloth moistened or wet cotton in warm water and mild liquid soap, then dry it immediately. Before irritation, apply an ointment for healing, always under the previous indication of a doctor.

Some babies suffer from dermatitis ammoniacal or of Jacquet, which appears by the effect of the urine, stool or bacterial flora. Even if you take many precautions can arise like, so that you should avoid in this case any product that causes allergies, and use cotton diapers absorbent. If the wound pus, consultation with the doctor.

The genital organs

These areas are especially delicate and vulnerable to irritations.

In little girls, you should pay attention to the vulva, which you must soap up and rinse wiping from front to back, fold by fold.

In young children, moves with much care the foreskin back, clean and return to bring the skin forward with delicacy. If you find it complicated, don't force the area, anyway, the baby will be clean without removing the skin of the glans. In case of redness, heat or swelling unusual, go and see your doctor to evaluate if it has been inflamed.

The scalp

Sometimes scabs are formed in milk by an excess of sebum; to prevent this, place your hand soaked in mild liquid soap for the head of your child and rinse with plenty of water each day. Don't be afraid to manipulate the fontanelles, since they are resistant and flexible. Later you can use a mild shampoo for babies a couple of times a week.

If notes appear crusty, apply petroleum jelly or almond oil on the baby's head at night and rinse the next day; this will help to to shed. And if you want the kid to be scented, you can take a few drops of baby cologne on your head.

The face

Clean the face of your child with cotton wool soaked in water, which must be boiled and then cooled. Make sure to thoroughly clean every fold of his neck and behind the ears, looking for signs of lesions or scabs. If you find some, apply an antiseptic to cicatrizarlas. Dry the skin gently.

As the baby's skin is so sensitive, you should always keep it clean and moisturized, preventing irritation or infections. However, sometimes there may arise some kind of condition, such as the following:

  • Eczema of the infant. Usually appears after the 3rd month and is located on the face and behind the ears, extending sometimes to the folds of the joints, the thumb and the nipples. It manifests with redness and the production of small vesicles with a clear fluid that causes itching in the small. You need to go to a specialist to treat you properly.
  • Acne neonatal. You can padecerse after the 1° month of life and is characterized by accesses of white dots on a red background, in the face and in the chest. In addition to cleaning the area, there's nothing you can do to prevent it.

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