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The process of grooming your little one can become a rich experience in a lot of love and cuddles. Keep in mind these tips to do it the best way.

How should I clean it thoroughly every day?

As the newborn is not very dirty, it is not necessary. What you need to clean every day is your glass. Wash it after each molt and sprayed his umbilical cord.

Some mums bathe their babies every day, while others do it every other day. In fact, it is all variable, even the taste of the small by the water. There are kids who love the bath and others that don't accommodate much.

In their first few weeks or months, the baby will rest most of the time. Take advantage of instances in which it is calm to tidy up, clasping the link with it. Looking for the best time to do it, not when you are hungry or just after eating (you might return the milk). A bath before bedtime is ideal because it will help you fall asleep more easily.

First of all, it respects the rhythm of the baby and be consistent in the routines that you set to have structured times.

The cure of the umbilical cord

If you take good care of this area, the end that remains of the cord will dry properly and will fall approximately in the first week of life. If it does not fall to 15° day, or if it becomes red, oozes, gives off a bad odor, or bulges, you go to the doctor.

In certain cases, an umbilical hernia that will go away alone, with the time. Don't try to compress it because it won't help.

How to clean your face

You need a cotton wool soaked in water. Then, wipe down the folds hidden, like the neck and behind the ears. If you notice any wound or scab, apply an antiseptic. Wash these areas regularly and with much care, wipe them well.

If you are going to clean the ears, only clean the entrance of the canal with a cotton swab and saline. Follow the same procedure for the toilet of his nose. Never insert the cotton swabs in depth.

The care of the eyes

Their eyes are ultra sensitive, so that if they get dirty, you should clean them with a sterile compress soaked with physiological saline, moving from the angle of the eye internal to the external. Use a compress that is different for each eye.

If you see one of the eyes will weep or produces secretions, it may be a taponeo in the channel tear. This is quite common in newborns and it is better to go to the pediatrician. This condition generally subsides after a few weeks; if not, you may be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Areas to care for particularly

  • The genital organs. Due to possible irritation, you should put a lot of care into these.

In the case of a little girl, you have to soap the vulva (area of discharges) and clear it, by opening the folds.

If you have a child, pulling gently back the foreskin to clean it and then take it forward. Don't worry if you find it complicated, you can ask for suggestions for the pediatrician to do it well. Stay vigilant, because if you develop redness, heat or swelling may be inflamed.

  • The scalp. The first 4 months, you must massage the head of the baby during the bath with a soft soap to avoid the formation of crusts in milk (secrete sebum). Rinse with plenty of water, without fearing to touch the soft spots, as they are strong and flexible. Once the little one is bigger, use a mild shampoo for babies and up to 3 times a week.

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