Bebé llorando

The quality of sleep is closely related to the state of health and evolution of the child while the newborn sleeps, it develops the neural system.

In addition, during the hours of sleep produces growth hormone, specifically in the phases of sleep slow. It is in the sleep stages of a paradox that is entrenched in their memory what they have learnt each day.

For all the above, it is extremely important to respect the rhythms of sleep for the newborn child, until, gradually, regularicen. From the moment of birth until the 4th month, you will be in a period of adaptation, which will require that you ensure an affective climate quiet, getting tons of affection. The baby is extremely sensitive to the mood of those who surround it, so that you will have to deal with the sweetness, balancing the pampering with predictable routines.

With time, the newborn will organize your dream alone, achieving autonomy, and balance.

Everything is new for him

The baby is in a new environment, getting used to noises, images, and emotions new. Each day provides a myriad of discoveries, and in particular must adapt to their
biological rhythms and natural functions, such as sleep and hunger. Think that for him – accustomed to receiving everything through the umbilical cord in the womb– eating is something totally new.

First of all, respect your dream

A newborn spends most of the time sleeping, between 16 – 20 hours a day, to dominate the type of sleep known as paradoxical.

In the early days it is difficult for him to differentiate day and night. Therefore, it is not unlikely to wake up in the middle of the night to ask what to feed; so common, the shots are every 3 or 4 hours. Do everything possible not to interfere with your pace, as it gradually and naturally conform to the phases of wakefulness and sleep habits of the whole family. To make it easy, sleep when he does.

It is the responsibility of the parents to create a peaceful environment, where harmony reigns, not necessarily in complete silence, but aside from annoying noises such as the vacuum cleaner, talks in a loud voice or slamming doors.

When the child is awake, he takes advantage of to breastfeed, give him cuddles, walking around, etc., With the passage of months, you'll see how to sleep better, and wakes you late at night.

The baby needs security

For the little one at ease, strive to create favorable conditions. These 4 basic principles you will be super useful:

  1. The crib should be comfortable

We're not just talking about the physical space, whether in a crib or bed, but also a comforting environment, where reign the smell, colors and shapes, free. Some items that you can provide are stuffed animals, mantitas or a mobile hanging over it (ensuring that everything is safe for him).

  1. Not what passes for your bed

Although to take it to another place to make it numb, you have to bed in his crib, because their points of reference must be constant.

Also, if you go on vacation or walk for a few days, you get a folding cot, so that you always have their place.

  1. Take it in your arms after giving him his milk

After each shot, put her down on it, or take advantage of pass it on to the dad for regaloneen together, so calm down listening to familiar voices and feeling smells tranquilizers for him. Yes, difference the pampering of the routines to put him to sleep, so they learn to fall asleep alone in your bed.

First of all, make sure that nothing bothers you, that is at the right temperature and that you do not need that move. Once verified, don't take him in her arms to stop crying, but rather caress to calm down, saying kind words to the ear or singing a lullaby. Remember not to encourage him, but to relax it.

Do not take him to your bed at night, you could stay asleep with him and not take him to his crib, and even putting your health at risk by staying lying down next to you.

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