With a baby at home, the list of questions about how to care for it grows and grows. Tasks as simple as cutting nails or cleaning his umbilical cord was transformed into quite a feat. The following suggestions will help you while you're on the path to learning to be a supermom.

Toilet the umbilical cord

The cleaning of the cord requires some basic items like gauze and alcohol. Covering the cord with a gauze pad soaked in alcohol of 70 degrees, taking care of this area until it from falling out and dry the wound. Generally speaking, it takes a maximum of 2 weeks. Avoid products derived from the iodine, as that could create problems in the thyroid function of the baby.

Follow this routine of grooming each day, always careful not to wet the umbilical area until its fall to avoid infections. If you prefer, then dry the navel, you can apply a product antiseptic on a compress, held in place by the diaper. You have to change it 2 times a day or every time that the notes dirty.

The temperature of the bath

Make sure that the water is between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius, warm, not excessively hot. Use a sponge natural, because synthetic fabrics are not good for the baby.

Hygiene sensitive areas

To wash the hair remember that you must do it every 4 days, not more often than that. Without to rub very hard to dry it.

When cleaning the genital area, you put a lot of care to go through every inch of her skin. And the little girls, the movements should always be from the vagina/vulva toward the anal area, to prevent urinary tract infections.

Careful with the nails

Although it scares you, cutting nails is not so complicated. The first thing you have to do is buy a scissors flat tip special for nails of babies. Do it once a week, starting the 3° week of life.

Specialists suggest cutting the nails of the feet straight and the hands, rounded. Cut the nails of a baby is a delicate task, since you have to be careful not to cut the skin of the fingers.

In the beginning, the nails of the small break spontaneously. Check that you do not scratch the face for being too long. The passing of the month, you can cut the nail leaving it sticking out a little bit of the tip of the finger. But if it is very small and you don't want cortárselas still, you can put mittens special cotton for babies.

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