baño niño

You must be prepared to bathe the baby, as well as to ensure their safety, you have to take care of your back. A useful article is a piece of furniture that is adjustable that fits the bottom of the tub. On the other hand, you will carry out the movements over and over again for months, so you should have everything you need handy and in a single location; for example:

  • soap or liquid cleaner interior
  • terry towel
  • mitt or soft sponge
  • hair brush for babies
  • packs
  • cotton
  • physiological serum
  • local antiseptic
  • milk or cream moisturizer
  • chiffon
  • diapers
  • body of cotton
  • clean clothes

How to proceed

  1. Clean their buttocks

When you have the naked baby clean in the first place, its bottom out of the water so as not to dirty the bath water. Do it with the ends of the diaper and a wipe soft wet in warm water. You can also use cotton and milk moisturizing, but it must always be products that are hypo-allergenic.

  1. Lather all over the body

Whether on the table by renaming it, or directly in the water, as you see fit. It occupies a soft towel, a glove, or do it by hand. The child will like it that you acaricies your belly while you do it. Insists on each fold (behind the ears, the neck and the spaces between the fingers) and in your genital area, as well as in your head, (fear not enjabonarle the head; fontanelles support it without problems and in addition to the massage prevents the crusts).

  1. Enjuágale with care

Hold it with your arm, the baby's head and your back. Immerse it in the water gently and place your hand by your body to help you relax. Once the little one is used to the bath, with the time you'll be able to place it in a position to swim, his the area under the belly and protecting your face so that it does not touch the water. If you see that you find it relaxing, let chapotee a bit, but always looking over your shoulder with care. It doesn't matter if someone calls or rings the doorbell, never leave him alone in the bathtub, even though it has little water. Once in a while, you can take a shower or a bath with him and then ask dad to dry and view.

Make sure that the place where the bathing is to a temperature of between 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, because a baby can't keep warm by itself. Also, the water must be at 37 °C, that is to say, lukewarm (you can check with a thermometer or with the back of your hand or elbow).

At the exit of the bathroom

Once you are ready, retire to your shoot from the water and wrap it immediately in a dry towel so that it does not pass cold.

Dry gently, without rubbing. It starts with your head, passing behind his ears and folds of her neck. Later, spend some time to every fold of your body: your armpits, groin, buttocks and behind the knees.

For hidratarlo, apply sweet almond oil or milk for this purpose. This is especially important at this stage, as your skin tends to dryness.

Once the baby is completely dry and warm, place it on the changing table and care about the care of his umbilical cord.

Finally, apply the care of your face and sweep with a brush to a baby boy. And if you want to smell good, you can put cologne without alcohol, even if you are sure to make your natural scent is exquisite!

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