When we received the news that we are pregnant, joy pervades the entire body, look at every moment of our tummy and we can't believe that a small human is being formed there within, but despite the fact that it is a magical process, it is also one in which we must pay much attention to our body, why? Because if not, we create our skin and our hair suffers drastic changes after the nine months of pregnancy.

How to recover our hair?

After delivery and expulsion of the placenta, the estrogen of the woman decrease suddenly, and your hair looks dull and without much life, in addition it should be understood that the same falls due to all the changes that has suffered during this whole process. But like everything in this life has a solution we recommend that you take vitamin supplements previously authorized by your primary care physician, you can also help by using a shampoo-restorative creams for the shower, or simply get a hair treatment home with blisters.

Skin care

At the time of becoming pregnant we can notice that our skin looks brighter without a lot of help, but after childbirth the same is turned off, it looks dry and dull, this is due to the different hormonal changes that we experience. As with the hair there are many solutions to recover our skin, such as moisturizers with vitamins, but the most important without doubt is the food.
It is essential that you look after your meals, before, during and after childbirth, you should eat plenty of fiber and products that contain vitamins A and C, in addition to drink two liters of water a day, this helps to prevent dryness and premature aging of the skin.

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