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At present many women do not know how to distinguish between the involuntary contractions, which are those that you feel during the pregnancy and that you will feel the moment you give birth to your baby.

The way you feel during pregnancy are involuntary contractions of the uterus, called Braxton Hicks in honor of the English doctor John Braxton Hicks who first described it. It is important to add that although the feel often does not mean that your baby comes on the way, but they are unconscious acts of your uterus that will only last a few seconds, and that even can occur from the first quarter.

Many women do not feel this kind of pain, because it is small spasms as your baby settles into the pelvis, and also helps the ripening of your cervix. This contraction is something that lasts seconds, you can even compare with the discomfort that you feel in the lower part of the pelvis, or back during your monthly period.

How can you differentiate this type of contractions? This type of pain will subside when you change position or if you're sitting when you get up, in addition to that you don't feel so constant, or increase your intensity, unlike the others.

What can I do if these contractions occur to me a lot of hassle?

It is important to remember that this type of contraction are fairly painless, but if you suffer from this I recommend:

  • Change of position
  • To give you a long bath with hot water
  • Take a lot of water, as they sometimes have them for dehydration
  • Perform some type of relaxation exercise

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