The break up with a loved one always hurts. Regardless of the reasons, you will need to take into account these 4 tips to to be able to turn the page and begin your new life by taking into consideration the good of your children.

Don't retaliate getting

Many couples forget their entire past history and engage in harmful practices. It is a way of taking revenge for the wrong committed, either through complaints, allegations of dishonest or even violent attitudes.
If things are really bad, it is better to go to a judge or family mediator who will treat them objectively, leaving behind the conflicts, unpleasant and anger.

Don't embarrass your friends

It is not fair to anyone to have to choose sides. If you have friends in common, it would be very difficult to choose who to be friends and who not. Also it is good that you are always speaking ill of your partner, or revealing intimate details in front of them.
It is of very bad taste to tell you what hobbies you have, or another type of confidences. Think on this: the farther your friends to the divorce, the easier it will be to continue to be friends. Yes, realistically, can any of your nearby do not feel comfortable with your new circumstance or relationship.

Do not get involved with the children

Divorce is a milestone especially difficult in their lives and it is necessary for them to express their emotions. So if you hear them cry, be angry, or to ask for explanations, don't despair. Explain clearly that nothing of what has happened is their fault and dreamless that you can always count on the love of their parents.
Above all, do not compel them to take sides; the only fact of living separated because they have mixed feelings. Do not talk ill of your ex with them, and if you do manage to do so for not having controlled, ask them to apologize. Remember that even though you as a former partner may have their problems, the children do not have to be in the middle of the fights. For your well-being, seeks to be conciliatory, and keep in touch to not have to grow up without a father figure or mother at your side.

Looking for extra support

If, because of the separation you are vulnerable psychologically or raisins in a depression –or it passes to your children– do not hesitate to consult with a specialist, either a psychologist, psychiatrist or couples therapist. It is okay to ask for help and overcome the divorce.

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