madre y bebé

The stage of lactation is one of the most awaited by women, because in it apart from creating special moments and unique with the babies, helps the loss of weight that we gain during the entire pregnancy.

It is not a secret for anyone that many women look forward to this stage to lose a little weight, but what should you diet while lactamos? The answer is simple, there is no food forbidden, so you can eat what you think you will do well, bearing in mind that during this process your child needs to be feed with all nutrients.

Many women are concerned not to lose all the weight gained throughout the pregnancy, but did you know that losing weight while breastfeeding is more common than you think? This is because the production of breast milk leads to a high calorie burning and energy of the mother, it is estimated that approximately burn 300 kcal / day only with this process, we also need to add all the physical activity that we do during the day, like the toilet of the house and walks with the baby.

Many experts advise a varied and balanced diet throughout this process that combine foods from the food pyramid why? Because babies pick up on these flavors and smells through the milk, and if left to consume something important this could reject it then.

It is important to highlight the benefits and importance of breastfeeding is that it is the food that best fits the needs of the baby, and in addition to this, many experts claim that this process aids the recovery of the size of the uterus, it reduces the amount of bleeding then of the part and minimizes the likelihood of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

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