niños en el pasto

Never underestimate the capabilities of your son; for very little it is in a constant process of understanding the world around him, and requires activities to encourage evolution of the brain.

In this note I will comment 10 activities adapted to the stage between 3 and 6 years old.

  1. Memory games

You can be a memorize with cards of cardboard or an electronic game on your tablet or phone, these games encourage the memory space and the sense of organization. Sure, you will be surprised of your little one remember more than you.

  1. Discovery of the letters and numbers

Using the letters and numbers, your baby will begin to learn short words like the names of the members of your family. Use blocks or cards with letters or numbers, which will prepare them for the learning environment in the primary.

  1. Role-playing games

These games not only make use of the imagination, but also appeal to the emotions of the child. Take the role of another person or character, allows you to manifest empathy from an early age.

  1. Cooperative games

These activities have no losers, because a group of participants to fight for a common goal. Can be to build a castle with parts that are buildable, or a painting on a team; will be strengthened group interaction, the values of mutual aid and perseverance to the same goal.

  1. Listen to a story

Something that children love is to read to them a story. You can also avail yourself of a audio of a favorite story. Affect positively the development of auditory memory, as well as your attention and the learning of chronology: which came first and what happened in the middle of the plot to get to an outcome.

  1. Putting together a puzzle

Through the puzzles, they stimulate several intellectual abilities of the child: fine-motor skills (the pieces together), the skills of perseverance, organization, and delight by the effort, after many hours and weary patience, you will visualize the whole picture and feel proud!

  1. Build something or create a costume

Dads can help with a construction project, something simple that would allow the small to see the steps taken from an initial stage to the final result. You can combine the dexterity to manipulate small objects with the creativity. There may be a hidden artist within waiting to be revealed!

  1. Do a scientific experiment

Always in the presence of an adult, you can play with chemistry experiments to encourage scientific curiosity. Ask her what it is able to observe and what they think will happen. So, you will learn how to formulate hypotheses and theories, which can then be proved scientifically, discovering interesting things.

  1. Outdoor play

It is an activity that does not require as much effort. The options are various: the games of the plaza, ride a bike or skateboard, jump rope... there are millions of ways to entertain themselves. This will allow you to work your motor skills overall, strengthen your self-confidence and understand the concept of danger or risk.

  1. Play to answer

You may have noticed that in this period abound, “why?”. Keep in mind that if your child asks a question it is because you are prepared for the answer. Dads should be discriminatory, and see if after your concerns are hiding a problem or fear. If you do not detect anything out of place, then follow with the reasoning of your child and answer according to his capacity of understanding. You'll see how it transforms in an instant very enriching for your greedy mind.

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