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For all women one of the most important issues is to know that they should bring to the hospital for the birth of your baby, try to have a list or a bag with everything packed up, but in the same way they feel unsafe.

It is essential that you do not forget all the paperwork that you need to assist you in the hospital, this includes your personal identification, your insurance card and the last exams that you've taken with your doctor, and if any doubt arises in the way see with the information team of the hospital.

Other of the most important things that you must take are the hygiene products necessary for washing during your entire visit in the hospital, includes a carrying case your toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, hair brush, and some rubbers to make you a pickup to be comfortable.

It is not necessary that to wear your own clothes, because in hospitals you are offered a gown to wear during your stay there, but it is definitely more comfortable to use one of yours, but you have to remember that this can get messy, remember to also include some comfortable slippers.

On the other hand, and it is something important-The food! This in the hospitals is not something very special, so we recommend you bring something to eat for you and your partner, although you should first consult with your doctor about which foods you can consume if you are under a diet.

Last but not least you should also think about your baby, you will need to bring several changes of clothes for him, the ideal is to wear pajamas, hats, and a blanket.

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