los beneficios de la lactancia materna

Breast milk has everything you need for your baby during their first months of life, is so complete that you don't need to add to your diet anything else, and it makes the baby to grow more healthy and strong.

No child comes with a manual and much less teach us how to be parents, it is not a secret for anyone that breastfeeding is not easy, and sometimes difficulties arise as the child's position or the grip of the chest is not the most successful. This brings as a consequence that the baby does not empty well to the breast so that it is less the quantity of milk produced, in addition to can also be associated with pain when feeding and the occurrence of cracks in the nipples, that is why we must correct the position. Breast milk is the natural way to feed our children, this helps them to develop in a successful way. Below we tell you some benefits of breast milk:

  • It is so good that the baby does not need anything more. Not water, not juice, or soups, etc
  • It has all the vitamins, fats and proteins that are needed by the baby in exact amount.
  • The baby is healthier and has more defenses and prevent disease.
  • Is the vaccine for all infectious diseases.
  • It helps us to save money.
  • It is digested well, and the baby in the majority of cases, not the rejects.
  • This to the right temperature and doesn't spoil.
  • Creates a bond of love is very strong which protects the baby both physically and mentally.
  • Without speaking, mom and baby will understand.
  • The milk from mom is always available, not just and the baby can be soothing in the act.
  • It gives satisfaction to the mother and the baby.
  • Night you can breastfeed without having to get up and you can continue to rest.
  • The mom is more affectionate with the other children and the husband.
  • The baby will wean when the mom and him are ready to do so.
  • Finally helps you lose the pounds mom gained during pregnancy.

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