There are many prejudices about being a housewife, and that is that it seems that the chores do not have large value in comparison with a professional career. However, many women choose to stay at home and be as moms, safe for your contribution to society and enjoying taking care of my baby at home.

Own home modern

Being a housewife today is not the same as it was before. The current challenge is to be efficient, to raise the children and, in many cases, prepare for return to work or generate an income from home.
Usually, women see this occupation as a parenthesis in his life, which will change depending on the need or personal desire.
Today, the majority of women have a profession, and has worked before deciding to stay at home to take care of his family. Some realize that their work not satisfied, so they decide to change their purpose.
In other cases, the ownership of the house is rather an imposition, because after a baby, some jobs do not receive well to the new mom. And if you have more than one child, then being a homeowner is one option to consider.

Facing criticism

It can be difficult to take on this new role, because the society does not recognize the work done on the house. Somehow conveys a woman who is at home is not able to reconcile all of their obligations.
Why be so critical? The answer is paradoxical since it insists much more than before on the role of a good mom, but it is not accepted that the priority is the education of the children.
Perhaps due to the fact that female emancipation is recent, and still persists in wage inequality, so that the woman feels threatened in professional terms, with fear to lose the ground gained in the workplace.
On the other hand, those who see the role of a housewife in a negative way are the same women. Perhaps it's envy or simple prejudice.

Homemakers met

Despite all of the above, when a woman chooses to stay at home and take on this responsibility, to be the owner of the house allows for the realization and fulfillment. Especially if, in addition, may devote himself to some particular interest that you fill it out, working from home in what you love.
It is very important to the feeling of satisfaction, because if mom is happy, her kids and her husband will be. So, the whole family feels it is done.

Looking for a statute

Today there is a statute to the owner of the house, many women seek to have it, because that could be eligible to a retirement or pension, the right to health and to the professional training... in other words, an assignment that is worthy to recognize the work done and the value of these women in the society.
Even so, those who have decided to be homemakers, they feel more satisfied, even if you get to the end of the month is a little more complex than before.
See how their life is most happy, because they stop running all day, and can prioritize your time to the children, your hobbies and your home.

The social function of the own home

For all those who are thinking about owning a house: to make it clearer that it is a full-time job, which requires a lot of commitment and that can be very “professional”, since they invest all the efforts in an educational project of quality.
Therefore, their role in society is critical. What's more, thanks to the education imparted by these women, their children can be a most valuable member of society.
In addition to this educational function, the social function of the own home is vital, as they take on a role as citizens, to act with empathy and generosity to other people, encouraging human relations.
In this regard, owning house leaves them more time to act as volunteers in different institutions, or participate in workshops of integration of the less fortunate, or those who do not know how to read. Can collaborate with teachers in need of support to accompany children in the pool or support the library in a few moments. Are just a few examples of the many services we can provide.
To be a part of these associations, the owners of the house assume great responsibilities, increasing in experience and knowledge. So you don't have to be ashamed of your choice.

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