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It is not a secret to anyone that when women become mothers, their whole routine gets out of control, and go to sleep a lot to rest almost nothing, since they are focused only on your baby and sometimes neglect their own health.

A few of the signs of the most important and alarming caused by the lack of sleep is that sometimes the mother falls asleep for a few moments, walk a little slower and has mental blocks in a row. In addition to the lack of sleep makes you do things without even thinking about it, and puts you in a bad mood for most of the day.

Below we will tell you some tips to avoid to stay asleep:

  • Avoid caffeine and hydrate with water

Many people think that to avoid the sleep is good to take a cup of coffee, tea or some soft drinks, but this is not the best idea, as it will keep you awake only during the first few minutes, then you'll feel just as or more tired. The solution to this problem is to take a lot of cold water, this keeps your body hydrated and energized.

  • Duchate in the morning

The specialists always recommend taking a shower in the morning we barely woke up, as this makes us begin the day with a lot of energy and improve our mood.

  • Check list

It is important that you make a list of things pending, either on your cell phone or any agenda that you'll always have with you, and prevents you from forgetting some things and keeps you active during the day.

  • Sleep when the baby does so

We know that many times this is impossible, because in those moments we took advantage of doing the toilet in the house or other thing pending, but it is important that you also rest, creates routines of relaxation whether doing a bit of yoga or a soak in the tub.

  • Ask for help

In some cultures it is believed that the responsibility of taking care of the baby falls only on the mother, but now couples create schedules to take turns and to care for the baby, so the two are kept rested.

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