recién nacido

While it is true that today there is a lot of information in the network, it never hurts to consult with your trusted physician or a family member with knowledge about the behavior of the newborn that don't know how to decipher. It is very important that you remember that your baby like all human beings is unique and develops in their own way and at their own pace.

Here's what you can expect and what you can do with regard to the behavior of your newborn up to 4 months:

A newborn baby has a head disproportionately larger than its body, which is why we can not hold it alone, he must wait 6 weeks for the neck muscles to develop, that is why you need support, place the palm of your hand behind it, and so your baby will gain confidence. They can also try games that make you move your eyes, later will be seen as moving only his head.

On the other hand, it is important that your encouragement when with music, why? Because many research shows that babies are listeners passionate, you can even sing, as his preferred sound is the voice of their parents. You can also tell you everything that is happening around you.

After the baby turns two months, and up to the three love to use their hands, because until that moment had not realized that they were a part of his body and can control them, because although it is true that they can grab any object that is given, it is not until the three months you can catch them alone. To help you in this give a lot of opportunities to hold, grab or hit anything, that you do not hurt, they instinctively take everything to the mouth that is why you must give objects large enough so that no accident occurs.

Then the three months starts a small babbling suggestive, and should be its partner star, this is going to progress from open vowels like “ah, la, da” to new sounds and combinations a little longer. At this point, you have to pay a lot of attention because he will be waiting for a response back and thus sustain a “conversation” with the.

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