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  • Pathologies incorporated
  • Who can have access to this benefit?

The Oral Health Integral of the pregnant woman is an opportunity to solve problems of oral health and to reinforce knowledge for prevention and care, as this is a period of increased vulnerability. Additionally, it allows the newborn to grow in a favorable environment for your oral health, decreases the bacterial load of the mother and family receive care tools from his birth, very important strategy considering that the pathologies of the mouth are essentially avoidable.

During pregnancy, hormonal changes, dietary habits and nutritional requirements, also generate changes in the oral health of women. For this reason, the oral hygiene at this stage is something that must not be neglected. In addition, during the first months of pregnancy, and in the wake of the “cravings” presented by the future mothers, the risk of caries is greatly increased, pregnant women usually eat at odd times food cariogenic and do not have the habit of washing your teeth after every intake, keeping in the mouth for many hours, the remains of food, that are metabolised by the bacteria, generating acids that cause cavities.

A series of investigations has shown that the bacteria found in the mouth of a pregnant woman can be transmitted to your child through blood and amniotic fluid, which can cause complications in pregnancy and cause damage to the baby (risk of premature delivery, low weight of the child, contractions, or infection of the newborn(a)). Once it has been born the child, the mother can drag him along with microorganisms (vertical transmission), which increases your risk of getting cavities in the future, so we make dental check up in this period can reduce the levels of cariogenic bacteria. Also, the set behaviors favorable in mothers can have a positive effect on the oral health of their children.

In Chile, as part of the guarantees GES (ex Auge), there is the Health Oral Integral of the pregnant woman, which consists of a dental care performed by a dental surgeon, according to the needs of the patient, aimed to educate, prevent, recover and rehabilitate the oral health of the pregnant woman.

Pathologies incorporated

In the resolution of the Oral Health Comprehensive are included on the following diseases and synonyms that describe it in medical terminology usual:

  • Caries limited to the enamel (caries incipient)
  • Caries of the dentin
  • Caries of cement
  • Other dental caries
  • Film pigmented
  • Other deposits soft dense: materia alba
  • Calculation dental supragingival
  • Calculation tooth subgingival
  • Plaque
  • Other deposits on the teeth without specifying
  • Deposits specified on the teeth
  • Dentin, secondary or irregular
  • Gingivitis, acute
  • Gingivitis chronic
  • Gingival retraction
  • Acute Periodontitis
  • Chronic Periodontitis
  • Loss of teeth due to accident, extraction or periodontal disease local
  • Edentulismos
  • Pulpitis
  • Necrosis of the pulp
  • Degeneration of the pulp
  • Abnormal formation of hard tissue in the pulp
  • Apical Periodontitis acute, which originated in the pulp
  • Apical Periodontitis chronic
  • Abscess periapical with fistula
  • Abscess, periapical, without fistula
  • Cyst radicular

Who can have access to this benefit?

All pregnant women with confirmation of their status of pregnancy (a medical certificate stating your status), beneficiaries of Fonasa or Isapres will have access to comprehensive dental treatment.


The start of the treatment should be performed within 21 days from the request for care.

The end of the treatment may be done up to 9 months after the birth.

In the case of the affiliates of Fonasa, if the waiting time of the response or of the start of treatment exceeds what is indicated because there is no quota or the specialist available in the public institutions, the pregnant woman has the alternative of filing a claim and be able to access the so-called Bonus Boom, which will allow you to receive care in the private sector in health (paying according to appropriate their section of the quote).


The oral health integral of the pregnant woman is part of the treatments of the pathologies GES. While it is a guarantee (that is to say, that all women have the right to this care) is not a free coverage for all.

In the case of the affiliates of Fonasa, it is free of all treatment is performed in the clinics of primary health care, in the case of needing care specialty (level side) is only free for those who are in the segment A or B. Those who are quoted in the section C, canceled the 10% fee for providing the services, and finally, those who imposed on the section D, pay only 20% of the tariff.

In the case of affiliates to the Isapres, all, independent of the coverage or plan that have, pay the 20% of the provision. In this case it is the Isapre, who determines where the call.

Financial protection

Type Interval.Santitaria Provision or grupode benefits periodicity Fee$ Co-payment% Co-pay$
Treatment Treatment Health OralIntegral of the Pregnant

Primary Level

Every time 106540 20% 21310
Treatment Health OralIntegral of the EmbarazadaNivel Secondary Every time 88630 20% 17730

For more information call Health Responds to the 600 360 7777 during the 24 hours, every day of the year.

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